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Fibroid Yoni Steam

Dong Quai. Black Cohosh.

Chickweed and Mullein Leaf


Menopause Yoni Steam

Basil. Raspberry Leaf. Lemon Balm. Gage. Chamomile. Black Cohosh. Rose Petals. Lavender


Fertility Yoni Steam

Rosemary. Yarrow. Basil.

Calendula. Chamomile. Rose Petals. Lavender


Cleaning Yoni Steam

Lavender. Basil. Calendula.

Motherwort. Rose Petals.

Oregano. Milk Thistle Nettle Leaf



  • Dong Quai- improve blood flow
  • Chickweed- relieves paint reduces inflammation, and provides calming soothing effects
  • Mullein Leaf- anti-inflammatory. pain-relieving and anti-tumor properties
  • Calendula- anti-fungal. antiseptic, wound-healing
  • Lavender - Relaxing. Sedative. Antiseptic
  • Raspberry Leaf-Strengthens pelvic muscle
  • Rose Petals - Tightening
  • Basil-Uterine stimulant
  • Chamomile- Soothing vaginal tissue
  • Lemon Balm- Vaginal dryness
  • Black Cohosh- Estrogenic
  • Sage- Astringent. Spiritually Cleaning
  • Milk Thistle- anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Yarrow- wound healing digestive issues, brain ailments
  • Motherwort - Reduce postpartum blood loss. Alleviate anxiety and depression, decrease inflammation
  • Oregano- Help Fight Bacteria Rich in Antioxidants Anti-Cancer Properties. Decrease Inflammation
  • Nettle leaf- Urinary tract health. Arthritis and pain


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