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Hello Gorgeous! I'm Erika Fanslaw, from Dallas, Texas. I founded Seaux Bodied Body Sculpting out of a deep-seated passion to help individuals feel exquisite inside and out.

My journey into this field was spurred by a personal experience that profoundly impacted me. A loved one chose to undergo gastric surgery in her pursuit of youth and vitality. Watching her navigate the complex labyrinth of challenges, from the healing process to lifestyle adaptations, made me realize the lengths we are willing to go to secure our happiness.

Witnessing the trials she faced, I found myself wishing that body sculpting, a less invasive procedure, had been an option for her earlier. This was my motivation to venture into the beauty industry, to offer a gentler path to achieving one's body goals.

Now, my mission is to understand the unique beauty of every body that comes into my care, and to enhance it with a touch of love. My expertise and experience in the beauty industry guarantee that every dollar you invest with me translates into quality service.

But, beauty at Seaux Bodied Body Sculpting is more than skin deep. It's about feeling confident and proud of who you are from within. If you're on a journey to uplift yourself, then I am here to help turn those dreams into reality, one body sculpting session at a time.

Let's set goals and make them come true!

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